About us

Our Hungarian-owned company was founded in 1993, and originally was developed for the distribution of glass and porcelain products. Nowadays it has a significant influence in jarred fruits and vegetables in the domestic food industry. The sale of industrial glass and jarred products is the primary activity for the Észak Üvért group. In addition, we place great emphasis on selling glass and porcelain utensils used by Hungarian families, which we carry at our local shop, and national commercial networks. Our business is a steadily growing group of companies, which is mainly due to our unique business and collection policy.




Our slogan: “The costumer always comes first, we are committed to their total satisfaction!"




The Észak Üvért Kft. places great emphasis on our own product’s development through the Premiko jarred fruits and vegetables for the promotion of local tastes. We do this with the highest international quality control system ( IFS ), the Hungarian ISO 22000, and advanced technical investments.

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